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Ackermann Medical Switzerland

Reliable. Affordable. Formidable.


Discover the future of highly economic spinal implant technology. 

Discover Ackermann Medical Spine.

Ackermann Spine


Decades of experience in development and manufacture of laparoscopic instrumentation enables us to provide innovative quality products, which comply with the requirements of professional users, as well as meet today's demands for increasing efficiency.          ​

Ackermann Disposable


The Ackermann Medical Europclip - innovative design and full biocompability, due to highest grade materials. Just a few ingredients to this extraordinary line of hemostatic ligating clips.    




Kyphoplastie Ballon

our latest development - the innovative variations of our classic c|spine cage. Now also available made of Titanium, EVONIK Peek, with and without ridge and porous.

cervical disc prothesis

in addition the long-standing t|spinecurve cage was relaunched, made of finest EVONIK Peek.

cervical disc prothesis

sustainable mobility due to an innovative design - the all new Cervical Disc Prothesis.


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