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Ackermann Spine


zervikale Bandscheibenprothese
zervikale Bandscheibenprothese
zervikale Bandscheibenprothese


  • cervical herniated disc
  • spondylosis
  • increasing cervical  myelopathy

facts & features



                 This innovative cervical disc prothesis is distinguished by a maximum of mobility and fixation abilities. It's anatomically formed design complies precisely to the natural shape of the human end  plates, ensuring extensive contact to the bone. A pyramidal shaped surface and the low profile allow for an atraumatic positioning in-between the vertebra. Thus, the reduced weakening – and consequently decreased bleeding -  prevents an early fusion and sustainably maintains mobility. The unique design additionally supports 360° rotatability, including the natural nodding motion.

                  With our c|spinedisc, we also rely on a high grade titanium alloy that provides the necessary stability, as well as proven biocompatibility properties. A special nitrite coating ensures minimum abrasion at the contact areas and hence for lasting mobility.       ​

instrument set

cervical disc prothesis

The c|spinedisc is supplied sterile to the OR, ready to be used for immediate implantation. In order to simplify its use, in advance the device is mounted into a cartridge and only needs to be picked up with a specially developed applier. The trial implants correspond to the ones of the c|spine cage product range, leading to full compatibility of those systems.


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