Ackermann Spine


polyaxial pedicle screws
polyaxial pedicle screws
polyaxial pedicle screws
polyaxial pedicle screws
polyaxial pedicle screws


  • instabilities and malpositions of the vertebra
  • degenerative spondylolisthesis
  • fractures and dislocations
  • scolioses and tumor diseases
  • correction of previous fusions

facts & features



​                   Being polyaxial, p|spine pedicle screws allow for an easy positioning and facilitate the fitting. Due to the self-tapping threads pre-drilling becomes obsolete, which later on increases the stability within the vertebra. The specific tulip-shaped design of the self-locking thread prevents the set screw from loosening and provides the possibility of a very low profile. All screws are cannulated and a color coding ensures that the right size is quickly identified.       

             The p|spine screws are entirely manufactured from a high grade titanium alloy (TiAI6V4). Rods made of titanium or nitinol support a rigid, as well as a dynamic stabilization of the spinal column.

instrument set

The p|spine pedicle screws are supplemented by a complete set of instruments, fully cannulated and made in Germany of high quality stainless steel.