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Ackermann Europclip

ligature clips

the clip

open surgery



The Ackermann ligating clips are optimized for open, as well as for endoscopic applications. Four different sizes of titanium clips (S, M, ML & L) meet the requirements of todays surgery. With the focus on quality and efficiency, globally the Europclip is more than just an alternative.



When manufacturing the clips, only purest titanium is being used. This material does not show the known disadvantages of stainless steel and because of its biocompatibility and characterisitic of being artifact free its has proven itself in implantology for many years.


Der Europclip one of the atraumatic shaped ligature clips in todays world market. Where other products only seal once, the Europclip gives you double safety. In addition to that, each clip undergoes a unique surface polishing which guarantees perfect tissue contact.

Due to its U-shape stability and resistance is increased if compared to  



The clip cartridges, available in the sizes small (S), medium (M), medium-large (ML) and large (L) are color-coded, as well as the matching appliers. Additionally to the regular catridges which are holding 6 clips the portfolio also consists of combo-boxes holding 24 clips.
All clips and catridges are gamma sterilized and undergo strict quality control.


Additionally to a variety of clip appliers suited for open surgery Ackermann Medical offers various instruments for an endoscopic approach.      

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