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future lap

single use instruments

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Ackermann hybrid concepts

The Ackermann laparoscopic hybrid concepts, consisting of a single use and a reusable component are uniting two worlds. With these up-to-date product solutions, advantages like reliable performance and minimization of maintenance requirements can now be combined with highest quality instrumentation. Without having to compromise and at unbeatably low cost per use.


reusable handle/sheath assembly  - 

single use instrument tip


The idea of a single-use instrument tip, combined with a reusable handle/sheath assembly has proven to be very economically effective for many years now in comparison to disposable instrumentation, as well as to traditional fully reusables. 

With the ti-line Ackermann Medical is offering a finely tuned product solution which is superior in terms of performance and haptics to most other completely reusable lap instruments.


- tips with extended insulation reduce the risk of alternate site burns and arching

- 360° rotatability and exceptional tactility 

- a special ball and socket coupling allows for easy, fast and safe assembly

- full array of jaw patterns

- high-quality ergonomic handles, featuring flushing port and standardized HF connection

- available in 330mm and 450mm, also accommodating bariatric procedures 

..and by the way, environmentally friendly

future lap

reusable handle - 

disposable sheath/tip assembly

The combination of a sterile, single-use sheath/tip assembly and a fully reusable handle perfects the hybrid idea and is the future of modern laparoscopy. The surgeon does not only receive a brand new instrument with each procedure, risks can be radically reduced by exchanging every component with immediate patient contact. Cleaning and sterilization of the sheath become no longer necessary, degradation or even defectiveness of the insulation is impossible.

Therefore, future lap provides the possibility of combining quality and efficiency, without having to compromise.


- easy and safe assembly by a ball and socket coupling, allowing for total flexibility

- ideal tactility and 360° rotation ​​

- no gaps between reusable and disposable part​​​​

- fully insulated 

- complete line of jaws

- high-quality ergonomic handles, featuring a standardized HF connection

- available in 330mm and 450mm, also accommodating bariatric procedures  ​

endoscopic single use equipment

single use instrumentation,

trocars & accessories

Besides its hybrid concepts, Ackermann Medical is offering a wide array of completely disposable lap instrumentation, trocars, electrodes and many more. With these lines too, the core objective is to ideally balance economics and quality.   

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