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Ackermann Spine


interspinous process device
interspinous process device
interspinous process device
interspinous process device


  • lumbar disc herniation and degenerative spinal stenosis
  • degenerated facet joints
  • lumbar spine instabilities
  • pseudoarthrosis or spondylolisthesis

facts & features



          The u|spine dynamically supports the stability of the spinal column implementing a non-fusion approach and reliefs from restrictions to the spinal canal. Due to a proven surgical technique the appliance of this implant can be achieved minimally invasive and the tissue-conserving procedure ensures a fast recovery. Additionally, its design allows for a semi-fusion using a screw connection, if required.


            u|spine consists of a medical grade TiAL6V4 titanium alloy which is ideally suited due to its proven biocompatibility and stability. As with all other Ackermann Spine implants, all guidelines regarding quality and certification are being strictly adhered to.       ​

instrument set

A color coded set of instruments serves the purpose of determining the size individually needed, as well as for the positioning and application of the implant itself. This way, the number of instruments needed is easily manageable and complications can be avoided.




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