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Ackermann Spine


made of
lumbar PEEK cage system
lumbar PEEK cage system
lumbar PEEK cage system


  • disc diseases in the lumbar spine
  • spinal stenosis
  • pseudoarthrosis or spondylolisthesis
  • signs of degeneration

facts & features



​                  Due to the projectile-shaped, off-centered design of the implant tip, the intrusion into the intervertebral disc space is considerably simplified. Its concave profile allows for an ideal positioning of the cage, PLIF or TLIF. A serration on both sides guarantees for perfect fixation. Integrated tantalum markers support when positioning the cages, as well as during post-operative follow-up.   

                t|spine consists of pure, medical grade PEEK material, in strict adherence to highest quality guidelines. This organic, thermally stable polymer excels by  proven adhesion, sterilization and biocompatibility characteristics, x-ray-lucent and without artefacts.


instrument set

This line of products is completed by a comprehensive set of high quality and robust instruments. Additionally, the portfolio features a recovery hammer that allows for the gentle removal of even heavily stuck instruments.



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