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Ackermann Spine


Kyphoplastie Ballon
Kyphoplastie Ballon


  • primary and secondary osteoporosis
  • fracture or collapse of vertebral bodies
  • trauma and tumor diseases

facts & features


               The percutaneous ky|spine balloon kyphoplasty system allows for a minimally invasive treatment of thoracic or lumbar vertebral compression fractures. Short procedures with low complication rate, usually performed on an outpatient basis, lead to an immediate pain relief and a substantial improvement of mobility and stability of the spine.
The comprehensive set supports mono-, as well as multisegmental approaches and its optimized design ensures a notiably simplified positioning.





instrument set

The entirely single-use and sterile packed set contains all neccessary instrumentation, including the inflation device. A special pump allows for a measured application of pressure while controlling the volume of the balloon. Various balloon catheters in lengths ranging from 10 to 22 mm allow for individual compatibility.   


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