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Ackermann Spine


lumbales Distraktionssystem


  • lumbar spinal stenosis
  • degenerative disc diseases
  • disc protrusion
  • facet hypertrophy
  • thickening of the ligamentum flavum
  • spinal cord ischemia
lumbales Distraktionssystem
lumbales Distraktionssystem

facts & features



​                The idea of this dynamic interspinous process device is as unique as are its benefits. ip|spine is probably the most minimally invasive spacer in the area of lumbar implantology. The neccesity of only one unilateral incision leads to a tissue-conserving approach that leaves the ligamentum flavum untouched and, therefore, significantly reduces risks and recovery time. With this procedure, operating times of only 20 minutes are achieved and the anatomical design of the implant ensures for immediate pain relief.


​                  When manufacturing ip|spine, only highest quality materials are being used. All components consist of certified medical PEEK and titanium to allow for enhanced biocompatibility and performance.


instrument set

Just five different instruments are needed for this revolutionary procedure. The distractor makes room for the dynamic device and at the same time determines the required implant size. Markings  on the positioning instrument allow for a fast mounting inside the OR in order to save valuable time.



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