Ackermann Spine

c|spine with ridge



  • cervical herniated disc
  • spondylosis
  • increasing cervical  myelopathy

facts & features



​              The unique anatomical design and the perforated texture allow for best possible fusion of the cervical vertebra. The kidney shaped style of the implant provides individual fitting and a reduced sinkage into the endplates. A serrated center fin ensures ideal positioning previous to the final fusion. Big pouches and transverse holes accelerate the adhesion and, therefore, the natural healing process. Integrated tantalum markers support when positioning the cages, as well as during the post-operative follow-up.

             This c|spine line is manufactured from a high grade pure Titanium alloy TiAl6V4, in strict adherence to highest quality guidelines. The material is certified, too and guarantees the neccessary stability and an accerlerated fusion.



instrument set

The c|spine product range also contains a complete set of stainless steel instrumentation and trial implants, all made in Germany. Size indicators and a depth stop support and simplify the procedure. All this makes c|spine the ideal solution in the area of interbody replacement, not only for patients, but also for the attending surgeon. Without compromises. 




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